Our Days

07.45 am

Children begin to arrive, and the rooms are set up with different play zones for the children to explore.

09.00 am

Children wash their hands and gather around the table for their breakfast meal


Children gather for circle time which includes age-appropriate stories and singing

After that children will have the opportunity to engage in free activities or teacher led activities including sensory play, painting, phonics games, garden games, water play etc


The children access garden time for activities and the opportunity for exercise.


Children wash their hands and gather around the table for their lunch meal


Younger children get ready for their nap while older children engage in quiet play activities including stories, drawing, blocks, play dough etc.

2-45pm -3.45pm

The children have garden time, with structured activities and opportunities for free play in the outdoor area.


Children gather around the table for their afternoon snack

After the snack children will continue with their play activities and will head to our all-weather garden to burn some energy before meeting with their parents and carers for the evening!

In addition to our regular routine, we also celebrate all international festivities and will plan activities and games accordingly. These include Diwali, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Easter and many more …We also plan regular outings and trips to complement our learning.